2-4-1 Prepared Drinks! Smoothie's, Frappe's, Espresso Drinks, Coffee & Iced Tea. 3-6PM Mon-Fri.

The Nicollet Diner

Open 24 Hours

Enter through The Nicollet Diner

Join us Tuesday nights at 7PM for open mic stand up comedy at Muffin Top Cafe. Entertainers sign up by 6:30PM and receive $10 off your tab. The more caffeinated you are, the funnier they are!

Join Jamie Monroe for BarINGO, drink specials, free prizes and your chance to win up to $500 Cash! BarINGO is free to play for customers. We play 7 rounds and for each round you play, you receive a ticket. Redeem each ticket for a card to play in the jackpot round. * Jackpot Rules: The jackpot starts at $50. Players may play one card in the final jackpot round for each previous round played. The cash prize is awarded to the player(s) to accomplish black out in 57 numbers or less. If no player wins the jackpot it will progress the following week and a constellation prize of a $25 gift card is awarded for the final round. When the jackpot reaches $500 the first player to accomplish blackout that week wins.